Our Product Features

To offer you an additional edge, we offer 3 range of our products backed up by excellent post sales support.

Talk it All has come up with another game changer device called Talk it All Sound Box ,which would completely change the way your merchants do daily business.

Loud Audio Alert Notification

Instant payment announcement alert on successful payments.

Large LED Digital Display

Users can see the transaction completed on a digital display.

Network & Battery Indicators

Check the network coverage & battery life of the device.

Previous & Next Transactions

Users can navigate the last 10 transactions with previous and next buttons.

Replay last transaction

Users can replay last transaction with a button press.

USB Cable for charging

Instead of an AC Power supply the sound box device has an USB port which can be used along with battery bank or directly via USB charger.

SIM Network Indicators

As the SoundBox works on a SIM network, the digital display show the network coverage.

Volume Control Buttons

Users can control the volume as per his needs to work efficiently on a busy street or a calm restaurant.