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Indias 1st Instant Payment Announcer for all UPI transactions.
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About Talk it All (TIA)

Talk it All is a product of On Demand Biz (ODB), its an innovative Fintech IOT (Internet of Things). Talk It All sound box is a Made in India product which aims to support multiple UPI QR codes and proudly claims to be an All-In-One Payment Audio announcer & Display device for the real time payment transactions. This helps shop owners everytime when they receive an online UPI payment, as they get a voice & display notification.
Its a perfect solution for Stalls, Road side sellers, Hawkers, Peddlers, Costermongers, or Street vendors, Small or big Stores, Restaurants, Shops of any size etc .

TalkItAll soundbox in a nutshell

  • Never Miss another UPI Payment.
  • Instant Audio Payment Confirmation.
  • View transaction on Digital display instantly.
  • Multi-lingual Support.

TalkItAll Soundbox can be white labelled as an product by Banks, E-wallets, UPI wallets to offer the Soundbox instant payment notification by voice & display transaction. Such a service is currently only offered by PayTm as PayTm soundbox and has helped them aquire maximum market of small shops and merchants across India.

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What is TalkitAll Sound Box?

TalkitAll Soundbox provides instant notifications when you receive a payment with a human sound and show transaction on digital display. It is a small device with a speaker & LED display to show transactions for your realtime payment alerts. This is smart Fintech IoT device working with a SIM card based connectivity. When anyone makes a UPI, Credit, Debit or Online payment by scanning any QR code the Sound box will notify you of successful payments with a loud audio alert & show the display in the LED screen. The audio alert is in human voice so you get a feel that an assistant is announcing the transaction like a human assistant.

TalkItAll Soundbox can be offered to Shops of any size, street vendors, big merchants, Restaurants, Small vendors etc. . It can work with any UPI providers like Freecharge, PayTm, Google Pay, Phone Pe, etc. So

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Announce all payments using Talk It All Mobile App

Now with our Talk It All Android mobile app, using one single app you can now announce all the incoming payment on Merchant or Business PayTM app, BharatPe, PhonePe app, Google Pay app.

TalkItAll Mobile App for UPI Payment Announcement

UPI Payment Announcer Mobile App

The Talk It All mobile app announces in one single app all the incoming payment information when there's incoming payment into Merchant or Business PayTM app, PhonePe app, Google Pay app. The announcements are available in multiple languages so you can select any language of your choice. Navigation bar on the top of the screen. Task bar with shortcut buttons. Payment History for last transactions. Select silent hours to restrict announcement.

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Talk It All Mobile App for UPI Payment Announcement

How TalkitAll Sound Box works

Your soundbox will announce successful payments received on your UPI QR Code by announcing the amount loudly. This device can be easily mapped with any supported QR and all payments received on scanning the QR, it will be displayed & announced. Customers can pay through Wallet, UPI, Net Banking and even through the other payment apps.

Step One

Customer scans Merchants QR code using any UPI App

Step Two

Customer makes payment successfully

Step Three

Talk It All Soundbox instantly annouces payment received.

Step Four

All are happy. Smoothly payment done.

TalkItAll for Banks, UPI providers, Ewallets, (B2B)

As currently not all banks and e-wallets or UPI providers offer the Payment Audio announcer solution to their customers like PayTm. Talk It All is here with our Made In India product TIA v2.0, & Tia v3.0 which offer instant payment notification by verbal speaking the recent transaction realtime and display the same on a digital screen. With our robust and scalable solution you can very easily carry out integration with your existing CBS (core banking sytem) or Ewallet or UPI. We offer an API option so that you can also offer the Soundbox service to your merchant accounts as compared to the leading UPI merchant provider PayTm.

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  • To know the reasons why you should offer Soundbox to your merchant customers please read the below cases studies.

    1. Case Study 1 :- QR code swapping :-

      This fraud is done by replacing the merchant QR codes with their own QR codes. The fraudster does this so any new payment gets credited into his account or to a different fake destination or lead to a fake website.

    2. Case Study 2 :- Fake Screenshot :-

      This fraud is done by fraudsters where they save old screenshot of their successfull previous payments, and when the merchant is busy they show those screenshots to Vendors as if that was the recent payment. Vendors loose money in such hustle.

    3. Case Study 3 :- Fake Paytm like Apps :-

      This above fraud is also done by scammers by using Fake Spoof Paytm App. In such apps the scanning is fake and all data like merchant store name, amount, date and time is entered manually. This scam is generally targeted towards less tech savy merchants.

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  • Get voice alerts with Soundbox’s voice notification feature in your own language. So you dont need to be near the soundbox and dont need to connect even to the internet or WIFI. TIA announce the payment realtime so you never miss a payment from your customers.

  • We are well equipped to offer you products in bulk with our co-brnading and for the same we have built a family of our trusted manufacturers & partners to procure the required raw material and assemble the same with our programing and code to offer all the great features and customizations required.


We Speak multiple languages

To get voice alerts with Soundbox’s voice notification feature we can support as many language as you want. Currently we support English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali etc

TalkItAll Merchants QR code scan

TalkItAll for Merchants (B2C)

As we understand that merchants are looking for a sound box to announce their payments even if they are using a different UPI provider apart from PyTm. So our Research team carried out various experiments and after spending good amount of research we at the moment support successfully the below listed UPI Merchant wallets.

  1. Google Pay
  2. PhonePe
  3. BharatPe
  4. Freecharge
  5. Paytm
  6. Airtel Pyaments Bank
GPay 100%
PhonePay 100%
PayTM 100%
Freerecharge 100%
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Our Product Features

To offer you an additional edge, we offer 3 range of our products backed up by excellent post sales support.

This is the age where Comfort, Speed and Efficiency are the top 3 priorities for any business.Get ready to save your time and ease the experience of doing business.

TalkitAll has come up with another game changer device called TalkitAll Sound Box ,which would completely change the way you manage your daily business activities.

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Never miss a Payment!

Get voice alerts with Soundbox’s voice notification feature even when you receive payment from TalkitAll, Google Pay, Phonepe, Amazon Pay with Indias first All in one payment announcer.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you with all the questions, please check the frequently asked questions and their answers to get more information about TalkItAll

  • What does SoundBox meands?

    TalkitAll Soundbox is an audio assisted smart device which provides instant notifications when you receive a payment. It is a small portable speaker for your daily payment alerts which comes with a SIM based connectivity. When a customer makes a payment by scanning a TalkitAll QR code the Soundbox will notify you of successful payments with a loud alert.

  • Your soundbox will announce successful payments received on your TalkitAll QR by announcing the amount loudly. This device can be mapped with your TalkitAll QR and all payments received on scanning the QR will be announced. Customers can pay through Wallet, UPI, Net Banking and even through the other payment apps.

  • Please call our Business Helpdesk at 0120-4440440 for assistance.

  • For best connectivity and security, we recommend you use the TalkitAll SIM provided. You can order a new SIM by calling our business helpdesk at 0120-4440440

  • The first generation Soundbox needs to be plugged-in and doesn't operate on battery. Please connect to a power socket.

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