TalkItAll Sound box solution for Banks, UPI providers, Ewallets, (B2B)

Today not many banks and e-wallet providers offer the sound box or instant payment announcer device or service to their customers, we are here with our unique sound box with digital display. Our product Talk It All soundbox is similar to PayTM sound box and offer easy integration and installation option so that all other Banks, E-wallet providers can also offer the sound box devices and similar service to their merchant.

  • 01 Easy Installation & Integration

    Our products are built after a detailed survey and marketing research to address the pain areas of all the merchants who are looking for better offering when compared with the market leaders like PayTM. TalkItAll is an innovative company who has tried to cover all the features and offer more advanced features as compared to PayTM sound box so any Bank or UPI e-wallet provider can offer many more advanced features and add value to their customers and merchants using their UPI & QR codes to accept payments.

    To know the reasons why you should offer Sound box to your merchant customers please read the below cases studies.

    1. Case Study 1 QR Code Swapping Scam.
    2. Case Study 2 Fake application of paytm
    3. Case Study 3 TalkItAll Sound box solution
    4. Case Study 4 Talk It All Sound box is the answer.
  • Get voice alerts with Sound box’s voice alert notification feature real time. It also offer digital display to view the transaction at the same time, and ensure you never miss a payment. If in doubt with replay button user can replay the last transaction to avoid confusion.

  • We are well equipped to manufacture your products in bulk with or without our co-branding and for the same we have our own manufacturing unit to procure the required raw material and assemble the same with our programing and code to offer all the great features and customizations required.


Why should banks or e-wallets offer Payment Sound Box to its merchants?

Payment announcer Sound box is a revolutionary Fintech IOT device offered by PayTM to Shop Owners, Merchants, Restaurants, Small vendors etc. for instant payment sound announcement.

All Top reasons why should banks or e-wallets offer Payment Announcer Sound Box to its merchants :-

  1. Currently PayTM has monopoly in the sound box offering.
  2. PayTM sound box provide instant audio announcement with PayTM QR codes only.
  3. Thus merchants need to use PayTM QR codes to ensure the sound box gives confirmation alerts.
  4. PayTM thus is very popular among Shop Owners, Merchants, Restaurants, Small vendors etc
  5. PayTM is the 1st E-wallet to launch an IPO in India.
  6. As a part of the IPO, PayTM will issue fresh shares worth 83 billion rupees.
  7. Over 21 million shop owners, vendors and other merchants accept payments of 10 rupees (13 US cents) to several thousand rupees using Paytm's QR code or mobile numbers.
  8. PayTM QR code & Sound box works together, so its worth considering.
  9. Decrease in Fraud of payments when customer make UPI or online mobile payments at busy store.
  10. As of March 31, 2021 Paytm Payments Bank has 333 million customers, according to its regulatory filing.
  11. PayTM undertook transactions worth more than 4 trillion rupees ($54 billion) in 2020-21, making Paytm India's largest payments platform.
  12. Instant Payment announcement with a loud alert sound & display real time, avoids long queue at the store. Thus decrease rush and waiting in long queues
  13. Instant Payment announcement with a loud alert sound & transaction displayed on screen real time can save merchants from fraudulent payment activity like QR code swap & Fake Application with payment success screen similar to legitimate E-wallets.
  14. Instant Payment announcement in vernacular languages can help the transaction to go smoothly even if the buyer and seller do not speak the same language.
  15. Due to Payment sound box the merchant does not need to be present at the store with his mobile phone to confirm the payment has been received successfully.
  16. No need to check mobile on the payment notification of the primary account
  17. Due to its compact shape and size the sound box can be used even by small store owners, hawkers, peddlers, costermongers, or street vendors.
  18. No commotion between buyer and seller over change.
  19. No confusion or commotion between buyer and seller over payment received or not.

Advantages of Payment Announcer Sound Box to your merchants?

Talk It All Sound Box Developer Application Programming Interface (API)

We are pretty sure the Talk It All sound box can be a great fit between you & your merchants. To get started we are all geared up with our developer API.

  1. As a pre requisite its assumed that the client has purchased the Talk It All Sound box.
  2. Post sales we offer demo sound boxes & sandbox environment to the client while the custom product design is been developed for development and testing.
  3. Developer API will be provided upon client request only. He need to share the developer details and we will add the developer account and share credentials.
  4. In order to help the developer with the integration of the clients existing E-wallet and Talk It All soundbox we provide developer documentation.
  5. Help videos for integration is also provided to developers for reference.
  6. Developer can send test transactions using the sandbox environment to the demo sound boxes.
  7. Through APIs the developer can simulate any user and can customize the content and transactions to test the soundbox integration.
  8. Developer can do personalization easily.
  9. Developer can simulate and test various transactions like live transaction, replay the last payment transaction, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly summary announcement with the API calls.
  10. Through APIs, developers can update work flows to make them quicker and more productive.
  11. As APIs can access the app components, the delivery of services and information availability is made more flexible..
  12. The aim of introducing API is o be future ready. As needs change in future, APIs help to support unanticipated future uses.

Note :- The developer API is only made available for developers once the client places a bulk order for Talk It All Sound box & request developer access.