TalkItAll Soundbox is developed as an product to be used by Banks, Ewallets, UPI wallets to offer the same solution of instant payment sound announcer what is currently only offered by TalkitAll and help them break the monopoly.

What is TalkitAll Sound Box?

TalkitAll Soundbox is an audio assisted smart Fintech IoT device which provides instant notifications when you receive a payment. It is a small portable speaker for your daily payment alerts which comes with a SIM based connectivity. When a customer makes a UPI, Credit, Debit or Online payment by scanning any QR code the Sound box will notify you of successful payments with a loud alert & show the display in the LED screen by speaking the transaction like a human assistant.

TalkItAll Soundbox is developed as an product to be used by Shop Owners, Merchants, Restaurants, Small vendors etc for instant payment sound & visual confirmation. It can work with any UPI providers like PayTm, Google Pay, Phone Pe, etc.

Benefits of TalkitAll Sound Box

  1. Instant Payment announcement with a loud alert sound
  2. Seamless Integration & Quick settlement
  3. Replay Last transaction
  4. Supports all payment methods including TalkitAll Wallet and BHIM UPI
  5. 24*7 Support

How TalkitAll Sound Box works

TalkitAll soundbox will announce successful payments received on your Paytm QR by announcing the amount loudly. This device can be mapped with your UPI QR code or UPI Provider by doing some simple configurations and all payments received on scanning the UPI QR Code will be announced instantly. The general steps are as below :-

Step One

Customer scans Merchants QR code using any UPI App

Step Two

Customer makes payment successfully

Step Three

Merchant receives Payment successfully

Step Four

Talk It All Soundbox instantly annouces payment received.

Technical Specifications of TalkitAll Sound Box

  • Powered by the custom programmed secure VLC chip.
  • Built specifically for the Fintech domain.
  • Targeted to be used in Internet Of Things (IoT) devices.
  • Talk It All Speaker is loud and clear.
  • Device model number is available at the rear side.
  • Supports maximum input of 5V at 1.5A
  • Outer body is made for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Outer body is dust proof.


Instructions to Use TalkitAll Sound Box

As a Bank or UPI Provider if you make the Talk It All Sound box available to your merchants, getting started is easy.

  1. Purcahse the Sound box with your UPI QR code provider.
  2. Swith on the device after charging it with micro USB.
  3. Wait for the first Welcome message
  4. Once you get the device Ready Message.
  5. Do a test transaction to your own UPI QR code.
  6. That's all folks!

Note :- Assuming the device is shipped to the merchant pre configured by the UPI Provider.