RIL’s Hazira Manufacturing Complex Rs. 10 thousand crore expansion was approved by the MoEF panel

A Specialist Examination Council under the Service of Climate, Timberlands and Environmental Change has suggested natural freedom for the Rs 10,000-crore development of Dependence Enterprises Ltd’s Hazira Assembling Division (HMD) in Gujarat and leeway of bottlenecks. Debottlenecking is the method involved with acquiring additional result from existing plants and hardware by further developing cycles or … Read more

Guide on Sound Box Integration for Success of e-wallet Mobile Application

Guide on Sound Box Integration for Success of e-wallet Mobile Application

The World has changed extensively within the ultimate decade, with the arrival of Mobile Technology and excessive-pace internet, the buying pattern has been evolved up to a splendid quantity.  In addition to this, humans appreciably adopted the usage of e-wallet application/software for purchasing and different enjoyment redo’s which has fueled the payment marketplace and price … Read more

How Paytm Soundbox & Google Pay Voice Notification adds value to E-wallet Business?

How Paytm Sound Box Adding Value to E-Wallet Business

Wondering how PayTM sound box & Google Voice Notifications has helped the small merchants and boost the E-wallet business in India then you are at the right place. The World has been changing with each passing day so has digital India. Due to high-speed Internet and Mobile Technology our shopping & online transactions have changed … Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an E-Wallet Mobile App?


“Oh no I don’t have the cash, I need to go to the bank now” this line has now vanished from our digital world, as we are now almost 100% digital, our daily things also becoming more (E-Life).  And similarly, the nature of payment has also changed, now in 2021, almost every single person knows … Read more