Microsoft Flight Simulator’s 40th Anniversary Update lands new aircraft and display technology

Why this is important: Microsoft Flight Simulator has provided gaming and simulation enthusiasts with some of the most visually impressive and accurate aviation entertainment since its release in 1982. The company recently celebrated the sim’s 40th birthday with another feature-packed update, expanding its already impressive selection of planes, airports and locations. It also includes FSR and DLSS updates to ensure users get the best viewing experience possible.

Microsoft released the first version of its flight simulator, Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0, in November 1982. The simulator allowed players to pilot a Cessna 182 in the Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, and Seattle areas. The release not only wowed users in the early 1980s, but also helped set the standard for realistic flight simulators for decades to come.

Forty years later, Microsoft is still creating new technology and new content for aviation enthusiasts around the world. The Redmond, Washington software giant released the latest iteration of the series earlier this week Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Update. The update brings many new features and updates to the already successful Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, including Airbus A310Many helicopters and heliports, unpowered gliders and even historic aircraft such as the famous Hughes H-4Spruce Swan.”

Players can experience the game’s stunning visuals and realistic mechanics through free flights around the world or through one of the game’s pre-built missions and activities. The 40th Anniversary Edition features new challenges and missions for PC aviators, such as the Wright Brothers and First Flight. Kitty HawkFirst US Airmail Service Flight path in 1918, and Charles LindberghThe famous flight from New York to Paris.

The new release also includes glider-based missions and tutorials for players who want to experience the feeling of unpowered flight. These trainings and missions include Aeroto, winch launch training, basic handling, thermal identification and other skills required for successful glider flying.

The simulator is providing users with amazing detail and access to any part of the world, no matter how remote. As of the release of the Anniversary Edition, the game offers detailed recreations of more than 37,000 airports, two million cities, and over one and a half billion buildings and structures in the game’s realistic landscape. A complete list of new additions, features, and bug fixes is available in the 40th Anniversary Edition release notes.