JJ Watt says he’ll take care of a bookie who got ripped off by a bad call

When it comes to NFL betting, we’ve all come up a leg short. We have lost all bets due to terrible governance. It is a desperate feeling and at times, we wish that someone would listen to our case and then decide to reward us.

A bookie in Arizona placed a three-leg parlay on his hometown Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. He needed Arizona to win (they did), he needed a James Connor touchdown (he scored), and he needed a defensive touchdown from Arizona.

The Cardinals’ win and the James Connor touchdown were nice, but most of Parley’s payout was scoring a defensive touchdown from Arizona. There was less chance of hitting the leg. In total, Bettor risked $27.77. If all three legs touch, then A little more than $1,008 would have been a gain.

The point for the bettor is that Arizona did not score a defensive touchdown. However, if they do not have an official error. And while the bookie was upset about his thousand-dollar call, he reached out to someone who felt robbed by that officiating error, Cardinals defensive end JJ Watt.

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 13: Cardinals defensive end JJ Watt sacks Rams backup quarterback John Wolford, #13, in the first half on Sunday, November 13, 2022 at Sophie Stadium, Los Angeles, CA.  (Getty Images via Alan J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times) The Rams lost 27-17.

JJ Watt took care of a fan who was parleyed thanks to a bad call in Week 10 of the NFL season. (Getty Images via Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

Watt should have had the scoop and scored a touchdown

Late in the second half of the Rams-Cardinals game, Rams quarterback John Wolford dropped back to pass. Myjai Sanders, the Cardinals’ pass rusher, came to Wolford and hit him, forcing the quarterback to cough up the ball. JJ Watt was in position to recover the fumble and march 30 yards to the end zone.

Watt had no one in sight. It would have been an easy scoop and score. However, unfortunately for both Watt and the punters, the officials basically ruled the play an incomplete pass. After reviewing the play, the officials correctly changed their call to a fumble.

The problem is that after a review, they couldn’t award Watt a touchdown. In an ideal world, they let that play out and then review it, allowing everything to unfold. In that scenario, Watt would have confirmed his scoop-and-score touchdown. However, after the original call is played, the best official may award the ball to the Cardinals at the point of the original recovery.

Bettor reaches up to Watt

The Cardinals tried to win the game, but their defense couldn’t find the end zone. After taking a nasty beating from an officiating call, Twitter punter @JReyes92 decided to reach out to Watt for some sympathy. Watt saw the message and decided he would take care of the bookie.

We highly doubt Watt is going to send him a check for a thousand rupees. Maybe he’ll get an autographed football or jersey or something like that. Either way, it is better than doing nothing, which is what the bettor was originally going to get from his bet. This is a great story for a bettor to share.

This is a great move by Watt to take care of his fans. This bettor was clearly just your average Cardinals fan who believed in his team despite its rough start to the season.

These players are probably constantly bombarded by fans crying about their fantasy teams and bets. Watt responded positively and it was good to see him make the best of what was probably a frustrating sequence.